Question NW3063 to the Minister of Health

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05 January 2021 - NW3063

Profile picture: Thembekwayo, Dr S

Thembekwayo, Dr S to ask the Minister of Health

With reference to a certain person who was admitted as a patient at the Thelle Mogoerane Regional Hospital on 18 October 2020 and was discharged and dropped off at his home on 9 November 2020 in a completely paralysed state (details furnished), what (a) are the reasons that the specified hospital conducted itself in this manner and subjected the specified person to such a gruesome treatment and (b) measures will he put in place to ensure that the person is (i) given treatment and (ii) compensated for medical negligence?


According to the Gauteng Provincial Department of Health –

a) The treatment of the patient was as a result of miscommunication between the patient and the junior doctors. The patient presented at J Dumane clinic on 18 October 2020 with a history of diabetes, hypertension, chronic kidney disease and cerebral atrophy. The patient is on chronic medication for the medical conditions stated above. He was transferred to Thelle Mogoerane Hospital through an ambulance. The paramedics who transferred the patient reported that the patient was unable to walk at the date of admission at Thelle Mogoerane Hospital. The patient was admitted at the Hospital and was seen on a daily basis by the internal medicine team. The patient was discharged on 09 November 2020 with a follow-up date for medical outpatient department of 25 November 2020 and was given medicine to take home.

b) (i) Following a complaint which was lodged, a team of clinicians from the province and the district held a meeting with the family of the patient on 02 December 2020. During this meeting, the doctor provided clarity to the family about the diagnosis and the condition of the patient including interventions that were made. During the discussions it was discovered that there was miscommunication between the junior doctor and the family and an apology was conveyed to the family through the doctor. This was done as part of redress for the patient and the family.

(ii) With regards to the treatment given to the patient, the department has since appointed a social worker to ensure that the patient is placed at Steppingstone Hospice in Alberton. The Social Worker discussed this arrangement with the family. The doctor and the social worker have planned for the patient to be transferred to the hospital for medical review on the set date. The district has provided the patient with a wheelchair. The province and district have identified the need to strengthen communication between families and clinicians and to ensure that there is an adequate patient discharge plan which includes district services of this nature to ensure appropriate continuity of care. From the discussion between the family and the clinical team including with the Social Worker, the family accepted the intervention made by the Department and therefore there is no need for compensation.


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