Question NW3021 to the Mr M Waters (DA) to ask the Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies

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04 January 2021 - NW3021

Profile picture: Waters, Mr M

Waters, Mr M to ask the Mr M Waters (DA) to ask the Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies

What is the justification of (a) charging persons with mobile devices the cost of a television (TV) licence and (b) transferring all the income of TV licences derived from mobile devices to the SA Broadcasting Corporation?


I have been advised by the Department as follows:

On 09 September 2020, Cabinet, approved the publication of the Draft White Paper on Audio and Audio-Visual Content Services Policy Framework: A New Vision for South Africa 2020, for public consultation and comments. The department has since gazetted the Draft White Paper (No. 43797, Vol. 664) for public comments which has now been extended till 15 February 2021 to give the stakeholders enough time to engage with the complex proposals raised within the Policy Framework.

Section of the draft White Paper, with reference to the SABC and licence matters propose that:

”provisions of the financial matters and staffing of the Corporation are necessary, although they require review and consequential amendments to the TV licence fee section to broaden the definition and collection system for television licences and to strengthen enforcement mechanisms and penalties of non-payment”.

Achievement of the above will be determined by the submissions expected from all South Africans towards the draft White Paper.




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