Question NW2483 to the Minister of Home Affairs

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17 December 2020 - NW2483

Profile picture: Mabika, Mr M

Mabika, Mr M to ask the Minister of Home Affairs

Since opening international borders under the risk-based approach travel regulations released by national government on 30 September 2020, (a) what total number of applications for business travel has his department received from (i) Germany, (ii) the United Kingdom, (iii) the United States of America, (iv) France, (v) the Netherlands, (vi) Switzerland and (vii) Japan, (b) what total number of the specified applications were (i) approved and (ii) rejected and (c) what was the average turnaround time for each of the listed countries?


a) The total number of applications for business travel received from 1 October to 11 November 2020 was 8,878. Applications are not separated, or processed according to nationality.

b) (i) Approved: 6,778. This figure includes business people including South African permanent residents and long-term visa holders who used this e-mail address. 2,100 applications were in process up until the 11 November 2020.

(ii) Rejected: None. Those who did not meet the requirements were requested to submit outstanding information and their cases were approved once the information was received.

c) All cases are finalised between 1 to 10 days.



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