Question NW2689 to the Minister of Water and Sanitation

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04 December 2020 - NW2689

Profile picture: Ngwezi, Mr X

Ngwezi, Mr X to ask the Minister of Water and Sanitation

(1)What is the status of the Giyani water project that was suspended following investigations into the Lepelle Northern Water and subsequent arrests; (2) whether the residents have access to a safe and continuous water source; if not, what is the (a) projected timeline for the specified project to resume and (b) earliest date that residents can expect to be given a sanitary and continuous water source; if so, what are the further relevant details?


(1) Water supply to Giyani villages is not reliable due to ageing infrastructure and unauthorized connections. The condition of the infrastructure results in frequent pipe bursts and water leakages. This has necessitated interventions to replace the dilapidated of 325km bulk pipelines and the Nandoni to Nsami pipeline project to ensure sustainable water supply. The Giyani water services project has resumed following the deployment of Department of Water and Sanitation’s Construction North Unit (DWS: CN) during February 2019. The overall progress for the bulk water distribution pipelines is at 54%. In parallel, the construction of the bulk pipeline from Nandoni water supply scheme that will augment water supply deficiencies in Nsami Scheme is also under construction and currently at 35% overall completion.

(2) The Mopani District Municipality as the responsible Water Services Authority (WSA) is responsible for providing water to the residents of Giyani through existing infrastructure which is augmented by completed boreholes and water carting. The refurbishment of the bulk water distribution system to 55 villages is under construction as indicated above. Completion of the various stages of the project is anticipated from March 2021 until March 2022. Further details relating to projects in the Giyani area are as follows:

  • 300km asbestos cement (AC) pipelines have been replaced with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipelines to curb water losses and enhance water supply efficiency. The installed bulk pipelines are not yet operational pending completion of ancillaries, pressure testing and commissioning for the completed sections.
  • The bulk water pipeline that will convey water from Nandoni water supply scheme to augment water supply in Giyani is anticipated to be completed by August 2022.
  • Two of the bulk distribution pipelines to Giyani town and 4 villages (Thomo, Mininginisi Block 2, Mhlava and Muyexe) are partially completed and operational. It is envisaged that these pipelines will be fully functional by March 2021.

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