Question NW2640 to the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation

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01 December 2020 - NW2640

Profile picture: Bergman, Mr D

Bergman, Mr D to ask the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation

What (a) are the detailed reasons that the South African Consul General has still not found a satisfactory residence to stay in Los Angeles; and (b) are the details of the complaints with the last 20 properties that the Consul General was shown in Los Angeles; (2) What are the reasons that the property that was leased by the previous Consul General was not available for the incumbent?


1. (a)The South African Consul-General arrived in Los Angels at the end of January 2020. While searching for a suitable residence for the CG, the lockdown (Stay-at-Home) Order was issued in Los Angeles in March 2020, which made it difficult to continue searching for and viewing properties.

(b) Although more than 20 properties were viewed in areas recommended by the local office of the US State Department, no suitable property was identified during this initial period. As part of the search, three properties deemed to be suitable were later identified, but the Mission lost the properties due to reasons related to the landlords’ decision.

(2) The previous CG vacated the property in July 2019, which is 5 months before the arrival of the incumbent CG, who arrived at the end of January 2020. In this regard, it was deciced that it was not cost effective to keep renting an unoccupied property (CG’s residence), so the contract was terminated or not renewed with a view that another property will be searched for as soon as the CG arrives.

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