Question NW2132 to the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform:

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21 July 2015 - NW2132

Profile picture: Walters, Mr TC

Walters, Mr TC to ask the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform:

(1) (a) With reference to his statement on land ceilings in his Debate on Vote 39, Rural Development and Land Reform, Appropriation Bill, on 8 May 2015, which organisations or stakeholders advised against land caps or ceilings during his consultation sessions, (b) on what basis was this advice not taken and (c) can copies of all such submissions be provided; (2) (a) which stakeholders supported the land caps or land ceilings and (b) can copies of all such submissions be provided? NW2443E


(1)(a) Agri-SA and the Agri-Sector Unity Forum (ASUF). However, the positions of Agri-SA and Transvaal Agricultural Union of South Africa (TAUSA) vacillated, particularly at the September 2014 Land Tenure Summit.

(b) The advice of all stakeholders, whether for or against the proposal, was taken into consideration.

(c) Please refer to Annexures A and B for copies of comments received from Agri-SA and ASUF.

(2)(a) The African Farmers Association of South Africa (AFASA) supported the ceilings proposals subject to certain conditions. The conditional support by AgBiz and TAUSA representatives was that, if implemented, the policy on ceilings should:

- Consider the technical determinants for each district;

- Consider a sliding scale of floors and ceilings, depending on the circumstance of each district;

- Be coordinated at district level through the District Land Committees; and

- Initially target the large land holders.

(b) Yes. Please refer to Annexures C, 5 and E for AFASA's, and AgBiz's submissions as

well as the Summit Report, with reference to:

- Page 6 - 13 on stakeholder inputs;

- Pages 20 and 25 - 27 on Commission 4 that address ceilings as well as final recommendations on the matter; and

- The AFASA proposals are further outlined in Section F on page 27.

Attached find here: Annexure A of NA-QUES 2132 of 2015
Annexure B of NA-QUES 2132 of 2015

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