Question NW2490 to the Minister of international relations

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03 November 2020 - NW2490

Profile picture: Hlengwa, Mr M

Hlengwa, Mr M to ask the Minister of international relations

(1) In light of recent reports that have allegedly linked an employee of her department to the murder of two women in Sudan (a) what steps has her department taken to co-operate with the Sudanese government in resolving the matter (b) how does her department ensure that diplomatic immunity is not used to cover up crimes and misconduct by employees posted abroad?


1. (a) South Africa and Sudan share cordial bilateral relations and the former is co-operating with the Sudanese authorities with regard to investigating the allegations levelled against the partner of the departmental employee. Communication was received through diplomatic channels and subsequently conveyed to the South African Police Service (SAPS) and the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development (DoJ&CD) for their guidance.

(b) The Department has no intention of abusing diplomatic immunity nor covering a crime allegedly committed by any employee. The Department has referred the matter to the relevant departments dealing with allegations of this nature.

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