Question NW2202 to the Minister of Health

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29 October 2020 - NW2202

Profile picture: Ismail, Ms H

Ismail, Ms H to ask the Minister of Health

(1)With reference to the arbitration held on 27 July 2020 between the (a) Public Servants Association of South Africa, (b) National Education, Health and Allied Workers’ Union, (c) Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa and (d) Health & Other Services Personnel Trade Union of South Africa and his department with case number PSHS 769-19/20 relating to about 1 200 members, (i) on what date was the arbitration awarded and (ii) what was the outcome of the case; (2) whether the resolutions of the award have been implemented; if not, why not; if so, what are the full relevant details?


1. (i) on 27 July 2020;

(ii) Accordingly, the ruling in the award is following:

(a) The respondent is to table a sustainable model with salary levels and notches for FPO, s within 30 days of receipt of this award.

(b) There is no order as to costs.

2. Yes, the National Health Council Technical Committee met on 17 September 2020, wherein the issue of Forensic Pathology Officer sustainable model was one of the agenda items as per the award, which agree that the draft sustainable model be shared with the respective recognised unions through the General Secretary of the Public Health and Social Development Sectoral Bargaining Council (PHSDSBC).

Council met on the 16th October 2020, for the parties (Employer and Labour unions) to deliberate on the model. The model was presented in this meeting by the employer. It was agreed that the matter will be discussed further on 7 November 2020 after consultations with the labour union constituencies.


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