Question NW2278 to the Minister of Health

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29 October 2020 - NW2278

Profile picture: Ndlozi, Dr MQ

Ndlozi, Dr MQ to ask the Minister of Health

(a) Which company and/or companies is/are responsible for the Covid-19 App, (b) how was the contract awarded and (c) what (i) is the total value of the contract and (ii) total amount has the company and/or companies been paid to date?


a) Discovery Health supported the Department of Health to develop the CovidAlert App;

b) The Department has not awarded any procurement contract for the CovidAlert App. The Department received an offer of support from Discovery Health’s CEO. The Department in its press release/media statement on 1st September 2020 mentioned that: “COVID Alert SA was developed at no cost to the Department, through a partnership with world-class developers at Discovery Health, Apple and Google”;

c) (i) Total value of the contract is 0.

(ii) The Department has not paid any money for the CovidAlertApp.


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