Question NW2021 to the Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture

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14 September 2020 - NW2021

Profile picture: Krumbock, Mr GR

Krumbock, Mr GR to ask the Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture

Whether any athletes who were chosen to represent South Africa at any international sporting event that took place or was cancelled in the past three years are yet to receive their national colours; if so, (a) what total number of athletes are affected, (b) since what date have their sporting colours been outstanding and (c) what is the reason for the delay in each case?


  1. SASCOC is not aware of any athletes whose National Federation has applied for national colours and has not received the colours. SASCOC processes such applications provided all required documents have been submitted.
  2. Prescripts of the National Colours Regulations are very clear that the onus is with the National Federations to submit colours applications to SASCOC.
  3. This question is relevant to National Federations not SASCOC as athletes belong to National Federation and NFs, as per their selection policy, determines those who qualify for colours.

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