Question NW2010 to the Minister of Transport

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14 September 2020 - NW2010

Profile picture: Seitlholo, Mr IS

Seitlholo, Mr IS to ask the Minister of Transport

What amount of the Provincial Road Maintenance Grant has his department allocated to the Department of Public Works and Roads in North West for the construction of (a) D210 from Cokonyane to Modimong and (b) D201 from Pampierstad to Matlapaneng roads respectively?


As the Hounarable Member may be aware, the Provincial Road Maintenance Grant (PRMG) is a schedule 4 grant created to supplement the provincialinvestments for road infrastructuremaintenance(routine, periodic and special maintenance) and the repair of roads and bridges damaged by unforeseen incidents, including natural disasters. The grant does allow 25% of the total allocation to do improvements and upgrades from gravel to surface. All new facilities are to be funded from the provincial equitable share as published in the Division of Revenue Act (DoRA).

The construction of road D210 and D201 from gravel to tar cantherefore be addressed from the equitable share as well as the 25% of the grant allocation.

The Department of Public Works and Roads confirmed that the two roads are in their plan and will be constructed in accordance with the priorities made in 2012 by the communities of the Greater Taung Local Municipality. To that extent, priority 2 and 3 on the North West list of projects are underway and are towards completion. The Road D201 and D210 appear as priorities number 4 and number 5 on their list respectively therefore they will be constructed as per their priority program.

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