Question NW1440 to the Minister of Police

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27 August 2020 - NW1440

Profile picture: Gondwe, Dr M

Gondwe, Dr M to ask the Minister of Police

What (a) measures has he put in place in order to protect frontline Police Officers from contracting Covid-19 and (b) are the budgetary implications associated with the measures implemented in this regard;


(1)(a) The measures, which have been put in place to protect the frontline members of the South African Police Service (SAPS), are as follows:

Putting systems and processes in place, by:
The development and implementation of SAPS Protocols on the containment and management of COVID-19, within the SAPS.
The development and implementation of training modules on COVID-19 symptoms, prevention and organisational protocols.
The implementation of the SAPS Infection Control Standard Operating Procedures.

The development of protocols for the decontamination of buildings.

The appointment of a National and Provincial Steering Committees, to oversee COVID-19 activities and implementation of the SAPS COVID-19 protocols.

The procurement of personal protective equipment (PPE), sanitisers and fogging and decontaminating equipment and chemicals for SAPS members, buildings, equipment and vehicles used by SAPS members.

Compiling a resource list of designated hospitals, to handle SAPS member referrals.

The in-sourcing of services, for the disposal of PPEs.

Empowering frontline officers, by:

Training of police officers on COVID-19 symptoms, prevention and management.

Conducting awareness and information sharing sessions at police stations,

roadblocks and other points, which are serviced by SAPS officers. o Training of police officers, on the correct use and disposal of PPEs.

Sharing of information through articles, memorandums and emails, to SAPS members and their families.

Continuous care and support of police officers:
Counselling and care of confirmed positive cases and contacts.

Counselling of family members of members, who tested positive.

Offering advisory services to members, whilst in self-isolation and quarantine.

Assisting SAPS members with placement in isolation and quarantine centres.

Identification of facilities to use as quarantine or isolation sites for SAPS members.

Debriefing of colleagues in cases of confirmed positive cases.

Answering police officers queries and questions, through the COVID-19 Call Centre.

Reasonable accommodation of “vulnerable members”, to ensure their protection and safety.

Developing a rotational schedule, to ensure social distancing and minimise member’s engagement and interaction, within SAPS buildings and workplaces.

Decontaminating of all workplaces and buildings, after confirmed cases.

Continuous sharing of new information, number of cases, new treatment and prevention methods with SAPS members and their families.

Stakeholder involvement and engagement of the following key roleplayers, with regard to SAPS members’ health and wellness, on COVID-19 related issues:

Police Medical Aid Scheme (POLMED).

Government Employee Medical Aid Scheme (GEMS).

Labour Unions- Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) and the South African Police Union (SAPU).

Department of Health.

Department of Public Works.

(1)(b) An amount of R3,7 billion was allocated to the SAPS, during the 2020 Special Adjustments Estimates, to provide for additional funding for this purpose.

(2)(a) Yes, training was provided, prior to the commencement of the lockdown.

(2)(b) Yes, training was also provided during lockdown. The training was in the form of continuous training on parades and roadblocks, workshops, awareness sessions, counselling and therapy sessions, a national 24/7 operated COVID- 19 hotline and video conferencing. The training entails, inter alia, the following: o The terms of reference for Steering Committees.

Understanding COVID-19 and related terminologies.

Protocols for the containment and management of COVID-19, within the SAPS and the country.

Prevention and protection measures of COVID-19.

Requirements and usage of resources, including PPEs for the prevention and control of COVID-19.

Required registers, related to the management of COVID19 and the completion, thereof.

Precautionary measures during the prevention and control of COVID-19.

Safety Health and Environment (SHE) management:

Sanitisation and decontamination of buildings, offices, cells, etc.

Medical waste disposal.

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