Question NW1780 to the Minister of Tourism

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07 September 2020 - NW1780

Profile picture: De Freitas, Mr MS

De Freitas, Mr MS to ask the Minister of Tourism

With reference to her reply to question 842 on 28 May 2020, what (a) are the names of the senior and middle management departmental officials who serve on the committee and what is each person’s department, directorate and designation, (b) are the roles and responsibilities of the committee and its members, (c) are the instances when applications are rejected and the reasons for rejecting the application in each case, (d) deadline has been set for the completion of adjudications, (e) are the deadlines for completion and submission of the adjudication report to the Accounting Officer and (f) is the date for the conclusion of the work of the committee and the Tourism Relief Fund?


a) Department’s officials who served as members of the Committees were appointed from amongst the ranks of Senior Management Services in the following Chief Directorates within the Department:

  • Tourism Incentive Programme
  • Destination Planning and Investment Coordination
  • Strategy and Systems
  • Tourism Visitor Services

The Department will consider a request to reveal the names of the officials and any other information that may results in revealing their names, when such a request is made in accordance with the law that govern access to personal information.

b) The members of the Adjudication Committee considered evaluation recommendations and adjudicated applications based on the criteria and requirements set for funding.

c) Applications that did not meet the requirements and qualification criteria set. Some applicants could not benefit from the TRF because the available money was finished after paying 4000 businesses at R50,000 per business amounting to the Fund’s total of R200 million.

d) There was no date set for the completion of the adjudication process. The process was meant to be completed when adjudication responsibilities were concluded.

e) Adjudication outcome is final and report to Accounting Officer is for information. There was no date set for the completion and submission of the adjudication report to the Accounting Officer. Thereport was to be submitted to the Accounting Officer upon the conclusion of the adjudication process.

f) There was no date set for the conclusion of the work of the committees. The work of the committees/structures ended when their responsibilities were discharged.

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