Question NW1155 to the Minister of Finance

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24 August 2020 - NW1155

Profile picture: Wessels, Mr W

Wessels, Mr W to ask the Minister of Finance

(1)Whether the National Treasury purchased any goods and/or services below the amount of R500 000 connected to the Covid-19 pandemic; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, what (a) is the name of each company from which the specified goods and/or services were purchased, (b) is the amount of each transaction and (c) was the service and/or product that each company rendered; (2) whether there was any deviation from the standard supply chain management procedures in the specified transactions; if so, (a) why and (b) what are the relevant details in each case; (3) what were the reasons that the goods and/or services were purchased from the specified companies; (4) whether he will make a statement on the matter?


1. The department procured the following goods and services connected to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Name of company



Method of procurement


Service and/or product that each company rendered

Lechoba Medical Technologies

R182 263.50

Three quotations

Hand sanitizers

Masana Hygiene Services

R156 302.26

Three quotations

Hand sanitizers liquid dispensers


R121 446.00

Three quotations

Building decontamination


R3 801.00

Three quotations

Building decontamination


R10 500.00

Three quotations

Building decontamination

Nesoscope Holdings (Pty) Ltd

R54 275.88

  1. Emergency deviation on existing contract

Surface sanitizers

MPM Enviro Enterprise

R293 250.00

Three quotations

N95 masks and latex gloves

Class Three Medical Solution

R12 128.82

Three quotations


Tsuamo Civils (Pty) Ltd.

R9 000.00

Three quotations

Building decontamination


R1 900.00

1 quotation amount below R2000.00 SCM threshold

Building decontamination


R75 950.00

  1. Emergency deviation memo approved

Building decontamination


R80 850.00

Three quotations

Building decontamination

Khulanathi Black Ginger

R135 125.00

Three quotations

Cloth masks reusable

Benixo Utility Services

R98 640.00

Three quotations

Building decontamination

Techcon Systems Pty Ltd

R332 062.50

Three quotations

Rental, supply, installation, replenishing and maintenance of foot operated hand sanitizer dispensers.


R1 567 494.96


2. Two emergency deviations were approved.

(a) Immediate sanitization of all surfaces, kitchens, utensils, door handles on regular basis to prevent infections. This was done by the incumbent service provider.

(b)The department experienced positive Covid-19 cases. The building had to be evacuated and there was an urgent need to decontaminate buildings immediately.

(3) The Department’s COVID-19 Committee established the need for the goods and services to manage and contain the spread of infections.Request for quotations were issued to various companies and lowest quotations were accepted in each instance.

(4) N/A

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