Question NW1234 to the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure

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06 August 2020 - NW1234

Profile picture: Graham, Ms SJ

Graham, Ms SJ to ask the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure

What number of (a) land ports of entry in the Republic are currently under construction and/or being upgraded by her department and (b) the specified land ports of entry were commissioned as part of the Republic's response to the Covid-19 pandemic?


The Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure:

(a)The Department of Public Works and Infrastructure (DPWI) has informed me the Department has Repair and Maintenance Programme (RAMP) contracts at 51Land Ports of Entry(LPOE) for a contract period of 36 months. The contract period includes repair work as well as maintenance and operational work.

(b) Currently, thefollowing LPOE are open for commercial purposes namely Ramatlabama, Kopfontein,Mahamba, Nakop, Vioolsdrift,Skilpadshek,Lebombo, Maseru, Jeppes Reef, Mananga, Beitbridge, Groblersbridge, Golela, Van Rooyenshek, FicksburgBridge, Caledonspoort, Oshoekand Qachas Nek,in terms of the Republic’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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