Question NW1186 to the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure

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24 July 2020 - NW1186

Profile picture: Graham, Ms SJ

Graham, Ms SJ to ask the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure

What (a) was the final total cost of refurbishment of Salvokop to render it suitable as a quarantine site, (b) is the name of the contractor who was appointed to undertake the refurbishment, (c) was the scope of works for the refurbishment, (d) additional procurement was done in order to meet the standard for a quarantine site, (e) number of persons have been quarantined at the specified site to date and (f) will the site be used for after its current use as a quarantine site for Covid-19?


a) I was informed by the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure (DPWI) that the breakdown of costs associated for the repairs and moveable assets are as per table below:

Facility Name

  1. Building Infrastructure – Soft and technical services

Salvokop, Freedom Park

R 3 361 309,10


Grand Total R 3 361 309,10*

*The DPWI informed me these are estimate costs. Final costs are in finalisation stage that entails re-measurement and final account agreement and Sub-Bid sitting before the actual invoice from the supplier can be issued.

b) The names of contractors who undertook the refurbishment are as per below table:


Service Provider

Gardening and cleaning services

Gleamartins Trading Enterprise

Electrical services – Electrical building services


Electrical services – Electric fence

Seamied Electrical

Mechanical services – Fire equipment and heat pumps

Intsikelelo Logistics

Mechanical services – HVAC and extraction fans

Munaca Technologies

Facility perimeter fencing

SA Fencing

Building infrastructure including plumbing


c) The scope of works for the refurbishment is as per table below:

Scope of works for the refurbishment

Soft Services

Regular, Deep cleaning and waste management including bins provision.


Gardening - Grass cutting, rubble removal and clearing of weeds on paved areas.


Electric Fence


Emergency Power Supply (Generator)


Cabling for the Generator


Various Electrical Maintenance


Fire detection and fire hydrant


Air-conditioning installation and extractor fans

Building infrastructure Services

Provision of water tanks, 1x stand-pipe and connection to municipal mains and crusher on driveway


Door locks, toilets repairs/ water pressure/ gutters/ storm-water channelling/ main-hole covers/ unblock


Hire of mobile toilets and ablutions and connection to municipal services


Galvanized fence, welded mesh panel fence 2100mm(H) including vehicle gates

d) Additional procurement was done in order to meet the standard for a quarantine site,

Facility Name

Movable AssetsFurniture & soft furnishing: procurement of beds, chairs, pillow cases, bath towels etc.

Salvokop, Freedom Park

R 422 863.05


Grand Total R 422 863.05

e) The site has a total of 64 beds. Department of Health has not yet activated the site to host persons under investigation.

f) After the current use, the site shall be used by Department of Social Development to accommodate victims of gender based violence.

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