Question NW1278 to the Minister of Home Affairs

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20 July 2020 - NW1278

Profile picture: Roos, Mr AC

Roos, Mr AC to ask the Minister of Home Affairs

With regard to the recommendations of the 2018 Dimension Data investigation into issues raised with the State IT Agency (SITA) regarding downtime at offices of his department, what (a) total number of the 32 areas of Home Affairs responsibility have been completed, (b) total number of the two areas of SITA responsibility have been completed, (c) has his department done to address the power issues at their front offices with the involvement of the Department of Public Works, (d) has his department done to deal with the challenges caused by Telkom trunk failures and (e) total number of the 398 obsolete network devices owned by his department have been updated?


a) Nine (9) areas have been completed and these include the migration of the following systems into SITA data centres from SARS i.e. SMS Gateway, e-Home Affairs, BQMS and e-Visa. Eighteen (18) areas are in progress and five (5) have not started.

b) The two (2) areas that are part of SITA’s responsibility involve switching centres across the country and one has been completed and another one is in progress.

c) We have installed generators in all Live Capture offices.

d) The Department engaged SITA with regard to the Telkom Trunk Failures to review our Service Level Agreements with SITA in order to improve support turnaround times.

e) The Department is currently addressing the issue of obsolete network devices by doing a technology refresh of the Network Equipment, namely Routers and Switches, in a phase approach.

The Department has managed to purchase the following new Network devices:

  • 2018/19 - 100 Routers and 60 Switches
  • 2019/20 - 50 Routers and 40 Switches
  • 2020/21 - 30 Routers and 30 Switch
  • END


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