Question NW844 to the Minister of Social Development

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20 July 2020 - NW844

Profile picture: Waters, Mr M

Waters, Mr M to ask the Minister of Social Development

(a) Which sphere of Government is responsible for accommodating homeless persons, (b) what total amount has been allocated by her department to address this scourge within the boundaries of the City of Ekurhuleni, (c) what number of social workers within (i) Kempton Park, (ii) Edenvale and (iii) Boksburg are assigned to work with homeless persons and (d) what number of homeless persons are there in each specified town?


(a) There is currently no clarity at National level in terms of the lead Department dealing with Homelessness. However, the Department of Social development in Gauteng, together with Municipalities are rendering services to homeless people.

(b) There is no specific budget allocated to the Department of Social development in Gauteng to deal with homeless people including for the City of Ekurhuleni.

(c) There are no specific social workers assigned to work with homeless people. Currently the Social Work Supervisors in the employment of the department are rendering services to the beneficiaries at the Shelter.

(d) There is no database for homeless people in the specified towns but registers are kept in the three shelters. Based on the Registers maintained at the three (3) Shelters for Homeless an average of 192 beneficiaries access the Shelters. This number constantly fluctuates due to the constant movement of the beneficiaries.

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