Question NW422 to the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans

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14 July 2020 - NW422

Profile picture: Shelembe, Mr ML

Shelembe, Mr ML to ask the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans

In light of the allegations that her department did not pay for some members of the military veterans in January 2019, but only paid in October 2019, what plans does her department have in place to ensure that school fees for qualifying military veterans are paid on time to learning institutions as required by the Military Veterans Act, Act 18 of 2011?


The Department earlier started a decentralisation process of benefits with education support as a first benefit to provinces. The process relied on provincial coordinators to collect invoices to all schools across the country. The process started well until the national lockdown. The lockdown hampered the plan and DMV is only paying those invoices that are sent through by parents and schools that have recently opened.

Plans for collaboration with other provincial departments of education are underway, wherein the DMV is planning to transfer tuition and school fees to provincial Departments to pay invoices quicker. This will also assist in easy access of this benefit and other benefits to military veterans and their dependents.

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