Question NW1174 to the Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture

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22 June 2020 - NW1174

Profile picture: Waters, Mr M

Waters, Mr M to ask the Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture

(1) (a) What is the total number of colours that were awarded by the SA Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee in contravention of the National Sports Colours Regulations and/or their own regulations, (b) which sporting codes do they pertain to, (c) who awarded them in each case, (d) what is the status of each illegally awarded colour and (e) were all the colours awarded illegally; (2) (a) on what date was the former National Colours Board last functional, (b) what are the reasons that it became dysfunctional, (c) who had the responsibility to ensure that a new National Colours Board was established and (d) what are the reasons they failed to do so?


1). The Hon. Member may please note SASCOC has not re-opened due to the lockdown.

2(a) The National Colours Board was last functional when the South African Sports Commission Act was repealed.

(b) and (c) It became dysfunctional due to the lack of enabling provisions in the National Sport and Recreation Act, 2007. This lack of empowering provision from the Act, made it difficult for the Minister to pass the Regulations to give effect to the establishment of the National Colours Board.

(d) the Department has been making efforts to amend the Act to give effect to enabling provisions required to promulgate the Regulations.

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