Question NW3623 to the Minister of Environmental Affairs

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14 October 2015 - NW3623

Profile picture: Steenkamp, Ms J

Steenkamp, Ms J to ask the Minister of Environmental Affairs

(1)Does her department support the practice of driven hunting; if not, what steps is her department taking to end this practice; if so, why; (2) does her department intend reviewing current legislation to either (a) bring an end to this practice or (b) ensure its proper regulation; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details; (3) has she received any complaints about driven hunting; if so, (a) who has sent these complaints and (b) what (i) are the relevant details of these complaints and (ii) action has she taken since receiving these complaints?


1. The Department of Environmental Affairs does not condone hunting practices (including driven hunts) which are not conducted in a responsible manner, that is, within the parameters of applicable legislation, and in a manner which protects and promotes the sustainable utilisation of wildlife.

2. It was found during a recent driven hunt in Limpopo, that measures had been implemented to sufficiently monitor the hunt at all times, to ensure that the number of wounded animals were minimised and to ensure that wounded animals were tracked and put down as quickly as possible. Therefore, the Department of Environmental Affairs is in a process of initiating an assessment of the scope of this method of hunting in South Africa in order to obtain a proper understanding of its impact on biodiversity. The need for legislative review to ban, or regulate this method of hunting, either through regulations, norms and standards or any other mechanism will require thorough consideration arising from an assessment of the scope on this method as alluded to above.


(a) The Department of Environmental Affairs received complaints from a range of parties and non-governmental organisations in addition to numerous media queries.

(b) (i) The complaints received by the department emanated from the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) alert/media release and the complainants therefore based their concerns on the manner in which this hunting practice was described by the NSPCA as part of their scope of work which deals with the animal welfare issues.

(ii) The Department of Environmental Affairs sent a national Environmental Management Inspector to attend and monitor the hunt during its remaining duration. No complaints have been received subsequent to the hunt when our inspector was present.


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