Question NW892 to the Minister of Basic Education

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28 May 2020 - NW892

Profile picture: King, Ms C

King, Ms C to ask the Minister of Basic Education

(a) From which line item in the budget of her department will essential hygiene and sanitation products be procured that will be required once schools reopen and (b) what amount will be set aside in this regard?


a) The procurement of essential hygiene and sanitation products for schools, is done by each Provincial Education Department (PED), and not by the Department of Basic Education (DBE).  When this is done, more than one line item, may be used.  Examples of the line items that may be used are as follows:

  1. Consumables House Suppliers: (Toiletry);
  2. Consumables Suppliers Wash Clean Detergent (Sanitisers and Soap);
  3. Consumables Suppliers: Medical Suppliers (Masks and Gloves);
  4. Consumables  Suppliers: Uniforms; and
  5. Infrastructure (Classes renovations and provision of Toilets).

b.    Each PED sets money aside depending on their needs.  At this stage, the DBE is unable to indicate how much each PED has set aside as the procurement process is still underway

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