Question NW640 to the Minister of Home Affairs

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27 May 2020 - NW640

Profile picture: Tito, Ms LF

Tito, Ms LF to ask the Minister of Home Affairs

Whether the programme to check the number of matriculants who do not have identity documents has started; if not, (a) on what date is it envisaged to start and (b) in which province will it start?


No, the programme has not started yet as it was planned to start on 28th March 2020 but had to be suspended due to the pronouncement of the lockdown by the President on 23 March 2020.

(a) The programme will resume as soon as the lockdown levels reach an acceptable level to open for such services.

(b) It will start with Free State Province as this was the Province that was earmarked for the pilot before the lockdown.


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