Question NW2969 to the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans

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14 October 2015 - NW2969

Profile picture: Marais, Mr S

Marais, Mr S to ask the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans

With reference to the refurbishment of the Beechcraft King Air B200 by ExecuJet Aviation Group which was handed over to the SA Air Force on 30 June 2015, (a) what (i) were the reasons why the specified aircraft required refurbishing, (ii) was the nature of the refurbishment and (iii) were the total costs of this refurbishing and (b) prior to the refurbishment, (i) when last was this aircraft refurbished and (ii) when is the next refurbishment scheduled to take place?


(a)(i) Due to avionic obsolesce and interior degradation due to age.

(ii) Full avionic refurbishment and interior refurbishment.

(iii) Avionic refurbishment was R10.2 million and the interior refurbishment was R381000.

b) (i) Never before

(ii) No future refurbishment is planned.

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