Question NW799 to the Minister of Arts and Culture

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25 May 2020 - NW799

Profile picture: Faber, Mr WF

Faber, Mr WF to ask the Minister of Arts and Culture

(1) Whether his department has taken any steps to implement his announcement that playhouses will be made available for artists to perform live streaming activities; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details; (2) whether the playhouses will be involved in creating online platforms; if so, how will it be put in practice as the sector does not render an essential service; (3) whether any partnerships have been forged with the SA Broadcasting Corporation to televise performances in addition to live streaming?


1. Yes. The Directive was gazetted. The Director General had a meeting with the CEOs of Performing Arts Institutions and the legal team on the 9th May 2020 to address implementation.

2. Yes, if they have their own content or projects they need to implement. They will bring these to the attention of the Department; some have done so already, for consideration and inclusion in the relief programme of the Department.

3. Not yet, however engagements have been initiated and are ongoing in line with promotion of local content. The DG has held meetings and also wrote letters in this regard to all broadcasters.

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