Question NW369 to the Minister of Transport

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22 May 2020 - NW369

Profile picture: Chabangu, Mr M

Chabangu, Mr M to ask the Minister of Transport

What is the percentage of locally produced goods that the Airports Company of South Africa uses to maintain all airports under its control?


Airports Company South Africa (ACSA)

The Service contracts used for the maintenance of ACSA’s assets have been analysed and information relating to the provisions of spares components and materials for both local and foreign procurement has been extracted. The labour components have excluded from the exercise, however, in all instance are 100% local.

The outcome of the exercise is as per the table below:


Local Component

Foreign Component

Total Spares components and materials

R258 93 309

R110 774 242




The foreign components generally comprise spares required for:

  • Baggage handling systems
  • Automated Weather observations Systems
  • Airfield Ground Lighting Systems
  • X-ray Machines
  • Passenger Boarding Bridges
  • Instrument Landing systems
  • People Movers
  • Photovoltaic System

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