Question CW41 to the Minister of Transport

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09 March 2020 - CW41

Profile picture: Michalakis, Mr G

Michalakis, Mr G to ask the Minister of Transport

Whether his department has any (a) short-, (b) medium- and (c) long-term infrastructural plans in place regarding the Gillooly interchange in Gauteng; if not, why not; if so, (i) what plans and (ii) what are the further relevant details?


a) Short Term – SANRAL completed the installation of additional drainage inlet structures and pump station on the ramp from N3 to N12 in October 2019. To date this has resolved the frequent flooding of this ramp that previously occurred. In August 2019, SANRAL completed upgrades to the inlet of the existing N12 drainage culvert to improve waterflow. To date this has resolved the frequent flooding that occurred along the westbound part of the N12.

b) Medium Term – Due to increased run-off from all the upstream developments outside of the national Road Reserve in the Ekurhuleni Metro Municipality since the original construction of the N12, an investigation by independent experts identified the need for additional upstream retention ponds and an additional drainage culvert underneath the N12. As the management of upstream and downstream water drainage outside of the national road reserve fall under the jurisdiction of Ekurhuleni Metro Municipality, an integrated solution needs to be agreed upon between SANRAL and Ekurhuleni Metro Municipality. Based on discussions to date between parties, the detail investigations required by Ekurhuleni Metro Municipality on how to route the water from the new N12 culvert through the existing downstream neighbourhood, and availability of funding from Ekurhuleni Metro Municipality for these downstream works, the parties agreed to make provision in their respective budgets for construction to take place in 2021/22 and 2022/23 financial years.

c) Long Term - The Gilloolys Interchange and surrounding freeway network was upgraded to its maximum capacity as part of the GFIP Phase 1. The long-term plan for addressing traffic capacity issues for Gilloolys and the surrounding freeway network was the implementation of the PWV 14 freeway that is a link between the R21/N12 at Boksburg and the M2 in Germiston, going into the Johannesburg CBD. The PWV 14 formed part of the GFIP Phase 2, which cannot be implemented due to the low e-toll compliance payment rate for the GFIP Phase 1. In addition, this future route is not part of the SANRAL freeway network and falls under the jurisdiction of the Gauteng Province. The further planning with regard to implementation and funding thereof should be clarified with the Gauteng Province.

(i) Refer to (a-c) above

(ii) Refer to (a-c) above

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