Question NW327 to the Minister of Employment and Labour

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13 March 2020 - NW327

Profile picture: De Villiers, Mr MJ

De Villiers, Mr MJ to ask the Minister of Employment and Labour

With reference to the payout crisis created by the new Compsol payout system of the Compensation Fund, what urgent measures are in place to assist the thousands of (a)(i) occupational therapists, (ii) physiotherapists and (iii) doctors, (b) employers who contribute to the workmen’s compensation fund and (c) employees who have been injured on duty?


The Compensation Fund has not implemented a COMPSOL payout system. However, in the COMPEASY system that we have just implemented these are the plans we have in place to assist stakeholders (employers and medical practitioners:

1. Special email addresses have been communicated to stakeholders where any challenges with the system can be reported and where the situation warrants it, we bring the clients into the offices of the Compensation Fund to offer assistance. This supports remains available to any user of the system and the following email addresses have been made available to users

2. Where user support is required we provide the assistance and where its improvements required on the system, we will log it for consideration as we continue to enhance the system to improve user experience.

3. User Guides are available on the Department of Employment and Labour Websites for reference

4. Training was conducted in September 2019 for clients and we will continue to provide the assistance

5. We have set up operational centres at some of the hospitals where there is a concentration of medical service providers who render services to the injured workers.

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