Question NW12 to the President of the Republic

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16 March 2020 - NW12

Meth, Ms N to ask the President of the Republic

(a) What number of special envoys has he appointed since February 2018, (b) how does the Government manage unethical behaviour, fraud and corruption in the case of any implicated special envoy and (c) what amount has the Government spent to date on each special envoy?


I appointed four investment envoys in April 2018 and a further three, with sector-specific focus areas, in November 2019. These appointments are at the President’s discretion and may be modified and/or withdrawn should I deem it necessary.

Investment envoys, like all other citizens, are subject to the laws that obtain in the Republic, and as such, where any misdemeanours occur these would need to be dealt with in terms of the applicable laws.

I am informed that the investment envoys have incurred the following travel and conference-related costs since their appointment:

Special Envoys




Mr Mcebisi Jonas




Ms Phumzile Langeni


Mr Jaco Maree


Mr Trevor Manuel


Mr Jeff Radebe


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