Question NW3582 to the Minister of Transport

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12 October 2015 - NW3582

Profile picture: Majola, Mr F

Majola, Mr F to ask the Minister of Transport

What is the reason for the delay in assigning to the City of Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality the function of acting as a contracting authority, in terms of section 7(2)b)(i) of the National Land Transport Act, Act 5 of 2009, (b) when will she make a decision in this regard and (c) why has correspondence from the Executive Mayor of the specified municipality to her not been answered and acknowledged? NW4249E


a) The request for assignment is still being considered;

b) The decision will be made after due consideration of all the factors;

c) The expectation from the city is a response on the request made, which is still under consideration. The department and the city are working together on the matter.

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