Question NW988 to the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy

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17 October 2019 - NW988

Profile picture: Weber, Ms AMM

Weber, Ms AMM to ask the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy

(1) Whether, with reference to the fact that Eskom cannot comply with the minimum standard of emissions as it is too costly, his department looked at other resources for generating energy for instance solar and wind; if not; why not; (2) What is the possibility of doing a feasibility study on both solar and wind by looking at the cost as well as employment opportunities? NW2140E


(1) Yes, Eskom's compliance with the minimum emissions standards (MES) is currently being monitored by the Department of Environmental Affairs. The draft IRP 2019 explored scenarios wherein through the energy mix, we reduce the aggregate emissions profile of South Africa's energy generation sector. In order to mitigate against high emissions, provision is made for other technologies to meet the supply/demand gap, taking into account the technical and economical characteristics of each technology.

(2) An analysis has already been done based on the IRP Update. Job creations is one of the objectives under the IRP Update process

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