Question NW1604 to the Minister of Basic Education

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09 December 2019 - NW1604

Profile picture: Tarabella - Marchesi, Ms NI

Tarabella - Marchesi, Ms NI to ask the Minister of Basic Education

(1)With reference to her reply to question 1033 on 4 November 2019, what are the details of the procedure that needs to be followed by parents to (a) have their children opt out of comprehensive sexuality education and (b) submit an alternative curriculum that is approved in accordance with the requirements of the Curriculum Assesment Policy Statement (CAPS); (2) whether any parents have used the opt-out option since the inception of the revised Life Orientation curriculum; if so, (a) what number of learners have opted out and (b) what alternative CAPS-approved curriculums are the learners following?


1.  (a) and (b)

The response to Question 1033 is not to be interpreted that parents may opt out of sections of the CAPS curriculum. The response in fact suggests that parents have the right to choose where they send their children to school. At any point a parent can opt out of the CAPS curriculum by seeking another curriculum like Cambridge or the IEB. The CAPS is not a modular curriculum where parents or learners may choose which parts to participate in. If parents choose the CAPS, Life Orientation (with CSE) is part of the curriculum, and has been since 2000.

2. (a) and (b)

The Life Orientation curriculum has not been revised.

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