Question NW1257 to the Minister of Home Affairs

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03 December 2019 - NW1257

Profile picture: Graham, Ms SJ

Graham, Ms SJ to ask the Minister of Home Affairs

(a) What are the reasons that his department has failed to address the matter of Ms Emmarencia Stevens (details furnished) since she applied for her identity document in 2003, (b) who determined at that time that her identity number be marked for deletion, (c) what are the (i) additional requirements of his department that must be met in order to reinstate the identity number and (ii) time frames for the reinstatement after the requirements have been met?


a) The application made in 2003 was rejected based on incorrect information submitted to the Department. The parents have since then never submitted any updated birth registration application with the correct information required.

b) The Head Office processing centre in Pretoria.

c) (i) A birth registration application that meets the Late Registration of Birth (LRB) application process requirements and standard operating procedures.

  (ii) Estimated time may take up to 180 days subjected to compliance with LRB processes.


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