Question NW1361 to the Minister of Employment and Labour

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02 December 2019 - NW1361

Profile picture: Bagraim, Mr M

Bagraim, Mr M to ask the Minister of Employment and Labour

Whether his department did business with certain (a) persons, (b) companies and (c) trusts (names and details furnished in each case) (i) in each of the past five financial years and (ii) since 1 April 2019; if so, (aa) on what date(s) did his department do business with the specified persons, companies and trusts and (bb) what was the (aaa) nature and (bbb) monetary value of each business arrangement?


All registers and Logis were checked and these names could not be found or traced on any of the Departmental registers or the Central Supplier Database.

It is therefore not clear if these are Sole Proprietors or shareholders in companies, as there were no companies registered under these names perhaps because they are not companies, but directors. Perhaps if the company names can be given that may enable the department to verify the directors/ownership.

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