Question NW1628 to the Minister of Home Affairs

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02 December 2019 - NW1628

Profile picture: Clarke, Ms M

Clarke, Ms M to ask the Minister of Home Affairs

What (a) are the reasons that no mobile units are currently in operational status within Gauteng and (b)(i) total number of mobile units are parked at the Germiston and Braamfontein regional offices and not being used and (ii) are the reasons that the mobile units are parked and not utilised; (2) (a) are the mobile units equipped to do applications for the new smart id cards, (b) what total number of field workers are allocated to the Gauteng Department of Home Affairs and what are their duties and (c) how often are the systems offline during a week in Gauteng. What extended hours are offered for the community? (3) What (a) are the details of the staff compliment and staff shortages in each Home Affairs office in Gauteng and (b) number of funded positions have not been filled; (4) On what date is it envisaged that the Boksburg Home Affairs offices will be completed and the department will move in?


(1)(a) Gauteng has eleven (11) mobile units and all are not yet modernised. The mobile units have been decommissioned as they are still operating on the old manual system. Currently four (4) trucks have been refurbished and modernisation equipment is being installed and one (1) is equipped with live capture system and it is envisaged that it will be connected to the SITA/ MTN network by latest 29 November 2019.

(b)(i) Two (2) mobile units which are not modernised are currently parked at Germiston Office. There is no mobile unit parked at Braamfontein office, being the Provincial Office, as it is not an office to serve the public.

(b)(ii) Mobile units are in a process of being modernised and refurbished to meet the required and current operational model.

(2)(a) Yes.

(b) There are eight (8) mobile operators and six (6) support staff and their duties is to drive to schools, informal settlements and communities and assist them with applications for enabling documents.

(c) There are regular system interruptions in the Province but the Regional IT Managers are always on site to give support and ensure system stability. There are no extended hours worked by officials, other than on voluntary basis after hours and over weekends.

(3)(a) The current staff compliment is 1249 and the staff shortage is 124 in Gauteng.

(b) There is only one funded vacant position of a Regional IT Manager: Westrand that has not been filled.

(4)  June 2020 is envisaged for occupation, as currently the tender process to acquire the alternative accommodation is near completion.


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