Question NW1543 to the Minister of Health

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28 November 2019 - NW1543

Profile picture: Wilson, Ms ER

Wilson, Ms ER to ask the Minister of Health

With reference to his department’s financial report on the R31 million virement that was requested for vaccines for Limpopo, (a) what was the Limpopo budget for vaccines in the (i) 2017-18 and (ii) 2018-19 financial years, (b) why was a R31 million virement necessary, (c) which budget in his department was this virement taken from and (d) what engagements has he had with the Member of the Executive Council for Health to curb poor planning and jeopardising the health of Limpopo citizens?



Limpopo budget for vaccines (as allocated by Provincial Treasury)









(b) The National Department of Health responded to a request for support from the Acting Head of Department of Limpopo Department of Health who asked for help as the province had run out of funds to procure vaccines.




Budget from which funds were taken and motivation



HIV/AIDS & STI'S: Male Condoms due to supplier being unable to supply male condoms and the National Department of Health did not project at that stage a condom shortage or stock outs.



HIV/AIDS & STI'S: Consultants. No tender for Mass Media communication was in order and expenditure were done through the three quotations process. Note: Mass Media Communication is budgeted for under Consultants on BASS.



Chronic Diseases: Health Promotion Levy part of Mass Media Communication that could not be spent as no tender was in place and expenditure were done through the three quotation system.

(d) Following the Presidential Health Summit Compact (2018) it was resolved that a budget planning process for pharmaceuticals be instituted and that National Treasury earmark funds for procurement of pharmaceuticals (ring-fencing of the budget). The National Department has embarked on a process to generate a budget for pharmaceutical products for FY2020-2021 for each of the provinces based on accurate demand forecasts. This was discussed at the National Health Council and will be submitted to National Treasury in line with budgeting processes.


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