Question NW1491 to the Minister of Transport

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18 November 2019 - NW1491

Profile picture: Keetse, Mr PP

Keetse, Mr PP to ask the Minister of Transport

What is his department’s immediate plan to intervene in the ongoing disputes regarding routes between Über and meter taxis that continue to put passengers at risk?


The National Land Transport Act, 05 of 2009 (the Act) provides that anyone who transport passengers for reward must have an operating license. Currently the Provincial Regulatory Entities are issuing operating license for both meter taxi and E-hailing services.

The Department held meetings with both E-hailling and metered taxi operators where it was agreed that all operators must obtain an operating license in order to operate a public transport service. Furthermore, both operators were encouraged to pick up passenger in areas where they have authority to do so.

The Act also creates an offence to anyone who provides a public transport services without the necessary operating licence. If found to be providing public transport without the licence, the relevant vehicle must be impounded and a determined fine must be paid before the vehicle is released by law enforcement. The fine varies from Province to Province since this power rests with the MECs and it goes up on a second and third offence.

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