Question NW1029 to the Minister of Transport

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14 November 2019 - NW1029

Profile picture: Waters, Mr M

Waters, Mr M to ask the Minister of Transport

(1)(a) What (i) amount of money was paid by the City of Ekurhuleni to a certain company (name furnished) in relation to its bus rapid transit system and (ii) was the money paid for, (b) on what date(s) was money paid and (c) what are the names of the directors of the specified company; (2) whether the City of Ekurhuleni has received any audited statements regarding the specified payments; if not, on what basis is money continuing to be paid over to the specified company?


1(a)(i) A total of R215,434,940.43 was paid to date to the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for the current BRT operations.

(ii) A total of R6,200,000 was paid as a lump sum interim compensation to the Ekurhuleni Taxi Industry (ETI) trust.

A total of R4,477,840.00 in revenue collected was paid to the Ekurhuleni Taxi Industry (ETI) trust. This is based on the signed interim compensation agreement between the City and ETI.

1(b) The money was paid on the following dates

Payment description

Dates/months paid

Current BRT operations (from 2017 to date)

  • 2017/02/14 to
  • 2019/08/08

Lump sum interim compensation

  • 2017/11/08
  • 2018/04/06

A portion of revenue collected

  • 2017/12/11 to
  • 2019/08/07

1(c) The following are the SPV directors

  1. MK Mtshali (Chairman)
  2. A Sithole
  3. BJ Mahlangu
  4. NZJ Nhlapo
  5. TD Foster
  6. GP Linda
  7. KS Matabane
  8. VC Tshishonga

(2) Audited statements for KTVR are submitted to the City as stipulated in the section 67 agreement.

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