Question NW741 to the Minister of Health

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14 October 2019 - NW741

Profile picture: Faber, Mr WF

Faber, Mr WF to ask the Minister of Health

(1) Whether his department hosted any event and/or function related to its 2019 Budget Vote debate; if so, (a) where was each event held, (b) what was the total cost of each event and (c) what is the name of each person who was invited to attend each event as a guest; (2) Whether any gifts were distributed to guests attending any of the events; if so, (a) what are the relevant details of the gifts distributed and (b) who sponsored the gifts?


  1. Yes, the Department hosted the function;

(a) It was held at the Parliamentary restaurant in the Good Hope building, in the Parliamentary precinct.

(b) R16,768.00;

(c) The list of guests invited is attached as Annexure 1.

2. No.