Question NW137 to the Minister of Health

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14 October 2019 - NW137

Profile picture: Gwarube, Ms S

Gwarube, Ms S to ask the Minister of Health

What amount has been spent on each pilot project of the National Health Insurance since the inception of the programme?


The health system strengthening initiatives were implement in the NHI pilot districts. There initiatives were funded through conditional grants. The grant funding related to the following activities:

The ward based primary healthcare outreach teams which were responsible for the provision of primary healthcare to families/households; community outreach services; preventative, promotive, curative, rehabilitative and palliative services.

The Integrated school health programme focused on screening of health-related barriers to learning such as vision, hearing, cognitive, and related developmental impairments.

General Practitioners and Pharmacy Assistants were contracted to primary care facilities to support clinics in service delivery.

The ideal clinic realisation model was introduced in response to the existing insufficiencies in quality of PHC services and to lay the foundation for NHI implementation.

The centralized chronic medicines dispensing and distribution model involves the centralized dispensing of medicines for chronic stable patients and the collection of the medicine at a point close to patients,

The purpose of the health patient registration system is to serve as an online registry of all patients using healthcare services in South Africa that can be accessed at any facility to provide health workers with patients’ demographic information and their most up-to-date health records.

The stock visibility system is used in PHC clinics to monitor and report on stock availability levels for essential medicines like ARVs, TB medication and vaccines. The purpose of the SVS is to enable more informed decision-making and proactive stock management at the PHC facility level.

The infrastructure grant was intended to fund nursing college infrastructure as well as the maintenance, repair and construction of primary care facilities

The expenditure below outlines the grants allocated to the National Health Insurance as reported in Departmental annual reports over the period

Name of the Grant

Grant Deliverables

(R 000') 2017/18

(R 000') 2016/17

(R 000') 2015/16

(R 000') 2014/15

(R 000') 2013/14

(R 000') 2012/13

National Health Insurance

Equipment for PHC facilities and outreach teams, training of staff in SCM, impact assessment of pilot interventions


99 665

63 491

63 605

71 614

78 019

Ideal Clinics

Evaluate clinics against ideal clinic criteria and support facilities to reach ideal clinic status

26 590

9 792





Human Papillomavirus Vaccine

Two dose vaccination

199 534

189 992

158 719

189 489



Health Professionals Contracting

Contracting health professionals and CCMDD

549 035

361 580

279 780


9 457


Health Facility Revitalisation

Nursing Education Institutions, maintainance, repair and refurbishment

657 099

686 496

612 623

292 345

373 483


Information Systems

Health Patient Registration System, PHC Stock Visibility System and Hospital Stock Visibility System.

83 807







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