Question NW935 to the Minister of Health

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07 October 2019 - NW935

Profile picture: Ismail, Ms H

Ismail, Ms H to ask the Minister of Health

What (a) is the number of (i) national, (ii) provincial and (iii) local public health clinics in the City of Ekurhuleni, (b) number of staff members are employed at each specified facility, (c) are the hours of operation of each specified clinic, (d) type of services does each clinic offer and (e) mechanisms have been implemented at each clinic to eliminate long queues and waiting times?


(a) The number of public health clinics

(i) National Facilities – None

(ii) Provincial Facilities – 16

(iii) City of Ekurhuleni – 77

(b) Number of staff members employed at each specified facility.

Please refer to Annexure A as requested list of staff members employed per Facility.

(c) Are the hours of operation of each specified clinic.

Please refer to Annexure B as requested list of hours operating of each Facility.

(d) Type of services does each clinic offer

Please refer to Annexure C as requested list of type of services each clinic provided.

(e) Mechanisms have been implemented at each clinic to eliminate long queues and waiting times.

  • Appointment system of patients visiting healthcare facilities in chronic and maternal and child health care streams are implemented.
  • District-wide consultations with stakeholders were conducted to get buy-in for waiting times Implementation Plan
  • Standardized waiting time tool is designed to measure the time the patients spend in the health facilities
  • Chronic Central Medicine Dispensing and Distribution is implemented (CCMDD), where stable chronic patients collect the medicines from the pick-up-points in the community that are convenient to them. In this way they do not have to wait in the queues in the clinics.
  • Guideline for waiting times of patients in health facilities is implemented.
  • Facilities will be visited on a regular basis to ensure that appropriate and effective measures are implemented.
  • Facilities are monitored to ensure that available protocols, guidelines and policies pertaining management and reduction of waiting time are adhered.
  • Provide feedback to all staff members on monthly basis on patient waiting times
  • Keeping track and monitoring Patient Waiting Time report for reference.


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