Question NW993 to the Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture”

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04 October 2019 - NW993

Profile picture: Sarupen, Mr AN

Sarupen, Mr AN to ask the Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture”

1. Whether he has been informed that the Springs Library in Ekurhuleni Metro has been closed for over a year, if so, what has he found to be the reason for the closure of the specified library for an extended period; 2. (a) by what date will the library be reopened and (b) what is the cause of the delay of the reopening; 3. by what date will the necessary repairs to the air-conditioning and other repairs be finalised? NW2145E


1. The provision of library and information services to communities is the mandate of the provincial Departments of Sports, Arts and Culture. The library was closed on 2 January 2019 due to flooding which damaged the roof and the floor. Upon further assessment it was discovered that the storm water beneath the library is the problem that damaged the floor, carpets and the shelves.

2. Due to the increased scope of work the initial funding is insufficient and more funding is being sourced. In the interim, a mobile library services are provided to the community. Repairs will commence as soon as funding is made available.

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