Question NW971 to the Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture

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04 October 2019 - NW971

Profile picture: Faber, Mr WF

Faber, Mr WF to ask the Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture

(1). Whether the National Arts Council recommended the approval of a grant funding proposal to a certain trust (name furnished) in August 2016, which was classified as an expired project; if so, (a) was the funding application submitted directly to the executive committee and the National Arts Council without following the normal funding application process, (b) what amount was requested, (c) was this allocation of funding authorised and (d) what steps have been taken against officials for awarding funding without the application following the normal funding application process; (2). whether the funding to the specified trust was authorised for a period of three years even though the application was only for a year; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, what are the relevant details? NW2125E


(1)(a). The proposal in question followed all processes as stipulated in the Grant Awarding Policy signed in May 2016, section 7.6 Flagships and Partnership Funding. The proposal served at both EXCO and Council.

(b).The amount requested was R1 889 285 in total.

(c). Yes, the funding allocation was approved by Council in August 2016.

(d). Due to allegations that processes were not followed, the DAC appointed Gobodo Forensic to investigate the allegations. The findings of the report were tested through a disciplinary process against the CEO and the ADM. Both the CEO and ADM were subsequently exonerated.

(2). The funding allocated was in phases which were estimated to run for three years and disbursement was made against deliverables. The submission which went to Council had a typo indicating the project as 12 months. All supporting documents were labelled as 3 years including the Business Plan.This was tested and confirmed during the CEO’s disciplinary hearing.

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