Question NW598 to the Minister of Trade and Industry

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12 September 2019 - NW598

Profile picture: Yako, Ms Y

Yako, Ms Y to ask the Minister of Trade and Industry

(a) How many tonnes of Rooibos tea were produced in the country in each of the past five years and (b)(i) how many of the total produced tonnes were exported and (ii) at what Rand value?


Neither the Department nor Statistics South Africa, the national statistics agency of South Africa collects data on the production or export of Rooibos tea.

The South African Rooibos Council, is an independent organization, which collects information from its stakeholders on the industry. According to the Rooibos Council, South Africa has produced and exported the following amounts of rooibos in each of the last five years:

Produced Rooibos tea during the past 5 past years:


Quantity in tonnes


Annual production

Annual export


12 500

7 057


11 500

6 561


12 700

6 417


13 000

7 728


14 000

7 235


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