Question NW650 to the Minister of Transport

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17 September 2019 - NW650

Profile picture: Wessels, Mr W

Wessels, Mr W to ask the Minister of Transport

(1)Whether, with reference to the replies of the former Minister of Transport to questions 1500 on 4 June 2018 and 2728 on 9 October 2018, he has found that the procedure, as set out in section 4(2) of the Air Services Licensing Act, Act 115 of 1990 for the appointment of boards (details furnished), has been followed in respect of the newly appointed members of the Air Services Licensing Board;


Civil Aviation Branch

The prescribed procedure for the appointment of the International Air Services Council and the Air Services Licensing Council was followed and members of both the Councils were nominated and appointed as espoused the prescripts of the Acts.

(1)(a) As mentioned above the procedure was duly followed. Section 4(2) of the Air Services Licensing Act, (Act No. 60 of 1990) stipulates that the Minister of Transport has discretionary power to consult with the Aviation industry on the nomination of the Council Members.

(b) There are no steps to rectify since the Air Services Licensing Act, (Act No.115 of 1990) and the International Air Services Act, (Act No. 60. of 1990) have been met in the appointment of the Councils.

(2) No further legal compliance is required. The Members of the Councils were dully nominated and appointed as Council members. The Council members’ appointment was preceded by nominations of people who, in the opinion of the Minister, have appropriate knowledge and experience regarding aviation, or who are well versed in law, finance, transportation or engineering to serve in the Councils as per Section 4 (1).

The nominations were published in the Government Gazette and advertised in the public newspapers for the appointment of members.

The question of dissolving the Councils does not apply since the Councils were dully appointed as prescribed by Section 4 (1) and (2).

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