Question NW525 to the Minister of Transport

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12 September 2019 - NW525

Profile picture: Mabhena, Mr TB

Mabhena, Mr TB to ask the Minister of Transport

(1)(a) What (i) is the current status of the construction project of the Vereeniging taxi rank, (ii) amount has the Passenger Rail Agency of SA (PRASA) paid to contractors to date and (iii) is the scope of the work contracted and (b) when was payment last made by PRASA to any contractors; (2) Whether the contractors delivered the services agreed upon; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, what are the relevant details in each case? NW1519E


  1. (a) (i) The work is currently suspended due to contractual disputes between

Gauteng Provincial Department of Roads and Transport and the contractor. In September 2018 progress was measured at 83%.

(ii) The amount spent to date by PRASA on the consultants is R13,508,685-00.

(iii) The scope of the work contracted is for designs and construction

supervision, as well as occupational health and safety monitoring for the intermodal facility.

(b) Payment was last made on 27 April 2017.

(2). The contractor did not complete the work and as such, the work were suspended pending the way forward by the Gauteng Provincial Department of Roads and Transport.

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