Question NW201 to the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy

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30 August 2019 - NW201

Profile picture: Boshoff, Ms SH

Boshoff, Ms SH to ask the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy

(a) What is the combined generation capacity of rooftop solar installations in the Republic according to his department's estimate and (b) what number of hours of load-shedding was prevented by such installations? NW1157E


a) There are no official rooftop solar 1nstaiied capacity numbers as most of these installations were considered "generation for own use" in line with the old Schedule 2 of the Electricity Regulation Act (ERA) which exempted !hem from the requirement to be licensed or registered. Realising the impact these installations are likely to have on capacity planning, power systems operations and personal safety, in year 2017 the Department amended Schedule 2 of ERA therefore compelling these facilities to be registered or licensed with National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA). NERSA is in the process of finalising the registration processes and rules, which will enable formal collection and analysis of information and data or. distributed generation.
The South African Photovoltaic Association (SAPV!A) estimate installed rooftop solar capacity in the country to be about 280MW.

b) There are no official number of hours as the installed capacity of rooftop solar is not known.

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