Question NW441 to the Minister of Basic Education

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06 September 2019 - NW441

Profile picture: Tarabella - Marchesi, Ms NI

Tarabella - Marchesi, Ms NI to ask the Minister of Basic Education

(a) What number of learners have received (i) tablets and/or (ii) laptops from the Government since 1 January 2019 and (b) from which budget(s) was or were the devices bought?


a) (i) and (ii)

The Departments of Basic Education and Telecommunications and Postal Services in collaboration with ICASA provided 105 (North West=55, Mpumalanga=21 and Gauteng =29) schools with ICT equipment as part of the Universal Service and Access Obligations (USAO). Each school received the following ICT equipment:

  • 24 x Tablets for learners;
  • 1 x Server loaded with DBE electronic content;
  • 2 x Teacher laptops;
  • 2 x Wi-Fi Access Points;
  • 1 x data projector; and
  • 1 x Mobile charging trolley.

b) The budget for the rollout of USAO solution is part of the Network Operators Licence Obligations imposed by ICASA.

Further information about the procurement of tablets and laptops should be requested from the Provincial Education Departments. The PDEs are responsible for the rollout of tablets and laptops to teachers.


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