Question NW219 to the Minister of Police

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14 August 2019 - NW219

Profile picture: Whitfield, Mr AG

Whitfield, Mr AG to ask the Minister of Police

(1) (a) What number of (i) rural and (ii) rural-urban police stations are there in each province and (b) what are their names and locations; (2) what is the (a) ratio of police officer to population for each of these rural and rural-urban precincts and (b) geographical size of each of the specified precincts; (3) what number of (a) vehicles (i) are there at each station and (ii) are undergoing maintenance at each station and (b) mounted units are there at each station?


There are currently a total of 1 151 police stations nationally, of which (i) 436 are rural and (ii) 454 are rural-urban (mix).

(1 )(a)(i)(ii), (b) and (2)(b)

The names and location of the rural and rural-urban police stations, as well as the geographical size, are attached as Annexure A.

(2)(a) Ratio: Police-Population:

• The National ratio of police officers to population, is 1 :375 (Source: SAPS Annual Report - 2018/2019)

• This norm is applied across the provinces and relative to the functions performed by police stations.

• The breakdown of the ratio of police officers to population, at police stations in each province, is currently being addressed and finalised through a study, taking into consideration the specialised units, geographically placed as force multipliers.

(3)(a)(i) and (ii)
The vehicles that were at each police station and those that were undergoing maintenance at each police station, as at 16 July 2019, are reflected in the tables below:

Source file