Question NW349 to the Minister of Home Affairs

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26 August 2019 - NW349

Profile picture: van der Merwe, Ms LL

van der Merwe, Ms LL to ask the Minister of Home Affairs

What were the main reasons cited in the applications of a certain number of individuals (details furnished) from (a) Bangladesh, (b) Pakistan, (c) India, (d) Malawi, (e) Ghana, (f) Kenya, (g) Mozambique, (h) Tanzania, (i) Zambia and (j) Thailand that led to them being granted asylum in the Republic?


The table below indicates the main reasons for cases granted asylum from the mentioned countries as recorded on the National Immigration Information System (NIIS): -


Reasons for granting

A) Bangladesh

  • Political persecution. Conflict between the ruling party and the various political parties.

b) Pakistan

  • Political instability on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  • Religious grounds, Ahmadiyya group not recognised by the Pakistani Government.
  • Clashes between Sunni and Shia.
  • Tribal conflict between the Taliban and smaller Islamic groups.



c) India

  • Religious clashes between Hindu and Muslim.

d) Malawi

  • Political reasons, conflict between the ruling party MCP and the oppositional party UDF.

e) Ghana

  • Inter-tribal clashes.
  • Female genitalia mutilation.
  • Forced Marriages.

f) Kenya

  • Political Instability (aftermath of 2007/08 elections).
  • Persecution on grounds of sexual orientation (LGBTI).
  • Persecution of the banned Mungiki ethnic group.

g) Mozambique

  • Although these cases are reflected on NIIS, the claims could not be confirmed. One case has already been withdrawn by the Standing Committee for Refugee Affairs and the other two have been inactive since 2011 and 2012 respectively. Their claims will be related to the old refugee processes. The Department is currently in a process of closing these files.


h) Tanzania

  • Family joining with spouse (from a different nationality) who is already a recognized refugee.
  • Albino victimization.
  • Conflict between Zanzibar and Tanzania.

i) Zambia

  • Family joining with spouse (from a different nationality) who is already a recognized refugee.
  • Political Reasons.


j) Thailand

  • No applications were granted asylum.

Note: According to the NIIS only a total of 1 322 cases were granted asylum (Refugee Status) from the countries indicated above.


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